All Things Baby!

I am a very lucky mother to a beautiful baby girl, (sometimes known on the blog as Baby K; K is for Khadija). As every parent knows, parenting is not always smooth-sailing! I frequently write about the ups and downs, what’s working and what’s not. You’ll find a list of all my baby-related posts over here đŸ™‚

Thoughts and Rants
5 Nursery Rhymes with Questionable Lyrics
6 Reasons Why Shopping with Kids Sucks!
And the Baby Food Journey Begins!
Hypertension During Pregnancy
Inside My Baby Bag…
Nobody Warned Me About the Jetlag!
Parenting, Psychology and Islam: Notes from Haleh Banani’s Seminar
The Phantom Pregnancy
The Reluctant Switch to Baby-Led Weaning
Why I Have a Problem with Nestle’s Cerelac
Would You Homeschool Your Child?

A Guide to Sleeping Bags (and Grobag Review)
Timi & Leslie Baby Bag Review
SkyBaby Mattress Review

Baby/Toddler Food Recipes
10 Reasons to Feed Your Baby Avocados
Amaranth Porridge with Peach, Yoghurt and Baobab

Banana and Date Mini Muffins
Blueberry & Hemp Seed Yoghurt
Breakfast Ideas Using Date Nectar
Pears: 3 Ways She Eats (and Loves!) Them
Spinach and Cheese Mini Muffins


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