Confession: I Hide in the Bathroom

Many moons ago, when Sudoku was all rage, I remember coming across Sudoku toilet roll. I swear to you, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. I totally judged anyone that might want to spend that much time on the bog.

Oh how the mighty fall.

Nowadays, the bathroom is my sanctuary, my retreat, my haven away from the big bad world!

Hiding in the bathroom funny meme

OK, I’ll stop with the exaggerations, but this next part is definitely true:

I spend a lot of extra time in the bathroom, just to get some me-time squeezed in. Some days, there is literally no other way to do so.

Now that my daughter is a toddler just shy of 18 months, let’s just say life is all systems go, go, go! I have been known on a number of occasions to “desperately” need to use the bathroom, shooting my husband my best “please-take-over” face, and promptly locking myself in before he has the chance to fully process what’s just happened.

best idea ever

What am I doing in there, you say? Here are a few examples:

  1. Nothing. I’m literally just sitting in silence.
  2. Catching up on 500 whatsapp msgs.
  3. Reading emails. Including all the ones I’d normally delete unopened.
  4. Checking Facebook.
  5. And Twitter.
  6. And Instagram.
  7. And most recently, Snapchat.
  8. Oh what the heck, let’s see what’s on Flipboard too.
  9. Some more silence.
  10. Imagining how I could give the bathroom a makeover…
  11. I tell myself I’m going to scrub the taps… one day.
  12. I wish I had that book that I started reading 6 months ago in there…
  13. Hold my breathe because I think my little one just yelled “mama!”
  14. False alarm. Silence again.
  15. Recheck Whatsapp.
  16. Look at everyone’s Whatsapp profile pictures.
  17. Google “recipes with chicken” or something equally vague that will have 1,000,000 results.
  18. Block out the sound of my husband asking our daughter “where’s mama?”
  19. Go back to Facebook.
  20. Take multiple screenshots of people my friends and I stalk (don’t pretend you don’t)
  21. Send said screenshots via Whatsapp.
  22. Back to doing nothing again.
  23. Listen to the sound of a tiny, inquisitive hand gently knocking on the door…
  24. Jump when it rapidly changes to mad banging!
  25. Wonder if she needs a nappy change.
  26. Remember that its almost dinner time and I haven’t made her anything!
  27. This time, muster up a reply when I hear “MAMAAAAAA!”
  28. Check my phone one last time before pressing the lock button.
  29. Open the door and…
  30. We’re back to all systems go!!!

Have you ever hidden in the bathroom from your life, and if not… where do you hide? (There has to be somewhere!)

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Which Toddler Cup is Right For You?

Hi friends,

Today I’m once again attempting to help you navigate your way through the minefield that is baby shopping! Can’t relate? Just take a walk through the baby section of your local supermarket the next time you’re there; count the number of nappy brands, the different types of formula milk, the array of baby wipes, and that’s before you even get to the food section!

We are going to talk Toddler Cups, from straw, to sippy to magic (yes, magic cups!)

Since having my daughter last year, I have been continuously amazed at how many different types of one thing you can get. Baby products are not cheap, and very often you find yourself at home with something that is just not what you thought it would be…

Enter parenting bloggers (*gracious bow*); hopefully reviews like this can help you with your purchasing decisions. As always, all opinions are my own and I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, but feel free to leave a question below if you have one!

Toddler Cups Review NUK Nuby Born Free Munchkin

At around the one-year mark, babies are encouraged to use some type of cup to drink their beverages from. Some parents start much earlier (from 6 months alongside the introduction of food) but we waited a while longer as Khadija was just not ready. Now, at 16 months, she’s able to hold her cup and drink from it herself! Here are the ones she has used:

The Born Free Training Cup

Born Free Sippy Cup

Rating: 4/10
RRP: £4.99

This was the first cup I bought for Khadija, and I won’t beat around the bush: I didn’t like it. It’s quite fiddly to put together; the white handles need to go on first, but when you screw the top part on, it won’t always be aligned with the handles. So to get it all straightened up, you have to move the handles around and screw, then move some more… Its just all so unnecessary.

If that was the only problem, I wouldn’t be too disappointed. But then, this happened:

Born Free Sippy Cup

Not long after we’d had it, the spout “ripped.” Khadija didn’t even have her top teeth at the time, so it wasn’t her fault!

The only positives are that its BPA free, dishwasher safe and a nice pink colour. Hence it gets a reluctant 4 out of 10. You can read more about it on the Born Free website here.

The Nuby Straw Cup

Nuby Straw Cup

Rating: 7/10
RRP: £3.49

This one has me so divided.

There’s so much I love about it: it’s insulated; it holds a good amount of liquid; the straw is really soft and gentle on the gums; your child can drink from it without tipping it up or back; it will not leak at all when shut; it has a decent price tag; and the colours/design and lovely!

But… the negatives are just too big to ignore. Firstly, the straw doesn’t reach right to the bottom! This means approximately 2oz of liquid always ends up going to waste. I’ve tried to get a photo of this:

Nuby Straw Cup

Secondly, cleaning is a bit of nightmare. The parts are so difficult to clean inside of, so I have to take it all apart and put it in the dishwasher everytime I want to clean it.  What a shame as this remains my daughter’s favourite, but for these reasons, I had to give it a 7 out of 10 and not more. You can read more about it at the Nuby website here.

The Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cup
Munchkin click lock straw cup

Rating: 9/10
RRP: £4.00

This one is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. However, the biggest plus point about this cup is that the straw reaches all the way to the bottom, hooray! Khadija can slurp up every last bit of her favourite smoothie in this.

It’s very easy to clean and reassemble. The shape of the cup is also fun; its like a flattened cylinder, so Khadija can get her tiny hands around it easily.

Munchkin click lock straw cup

The straw is slightly harder than the Nuby straw, but that doesn’t seem to bother Khadija. Once the top part of the cup is “clicked” into place and the straw closed, it doesn’t leak. However, it would’ve gotten a full 10/10 from me if the straw would also “click” shut; as it is, Khadija can easily leave it half open and throw her cup around (as you do) and then sometimes u do get slight spillage.

But that’s a super small reason not to buy this cup, to be honest. For the price and straw length alone, I think this is one of the best cups on the market. You can read more about it on Munchkin’s website here.

The NUK Magic Cup

Nuk Magic Cup

Rating: 9/10
RRP: £9.50

I have to admit that when I first handed this to Khadija, I had very little confidence that she’d figure out how to use it. But, I stand corrected! Essentially, this is a training cup to help toddlers learn how to drink from regular cups/glasses. However, there is a silicone ring that creates a seal around the rim, so that until you take a sip, no liquid leaks through!

Nuk Magic Cup

At first, she just held it on her lips and looked utterly confused at why nothing was coming out. But it didn’t take long for her to learn how to sip and “suck” the water out!

I love this cup: the designs are so much fun (Khadija loves to point out the animals with her tiny fingertips) and one of the best, best, best parts for parents is how easy it is to clean! Like all the cups reviewed, its BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The only reason I gave this 9 and not 10/10, however, is the price tag; this one is the most expensive cup of the four I’ve reviewed. But its a great way to teach your child how to use cups properly with NO messy spillage! You can read more about it on NUK’s website here.

At the moment, we use the Munchkin straw cup when we’re out and about, and for drinking smoothies in. At home, we use the NUK magic cup for water at and in-between meal times.

So there you have it, friends. And now I have some questions for you:
– Have you used any of these cups?
– Which type of cup does your baby/toddler prefer?
– Was this review helpful for you?
– What did you have for dinner last night? (I mean, why not?)

Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Thank-you to Munchkin and NUK for sending me your cups to review! The Nuby and Born Free cups were my own purchases, and all opinions expressed her are my own.

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The Phantom Pregnancy

So… this week I experienced a phantom pregnancy.

There. I said it. I got it off my chest.

Oh wait, you want details? Of course you do. It’s always awesome to hear how incredibly stupid somebody else has been. Happy to oblige!

It started with the symptoms.

  1. Hunger. Always hungry. Able to finish off a huge packet of doritos and still be hungry. The kind of hungry where you stand in front of the fridge for ages… just staring. You see, once you’ve experienced pregnancy, where you are allowed (in fact encouraged by loved ones) to eat… Its very hard to go back to normal, eat-like-a-sensible-human-being life. Much easier to assume the hunger could be caused by another pregnancy!
  2. Tired. Out of breath after climbing up the stairs. Yeah ok, I know it was probably all that sitting on the sofa and eating for hours that caused me to become so unfit. Or… I could be pregnant again? (the latter sounded better in my head).
  3. I felt movement. I kid you not. I felt the phantom baby move. I sat upright in my bed with this exact expression on my face:

Ok, so I was drifting in and out of sleep and clearly imagined this “movement” but… it was enough to send my mind into overdrive for a whole 24 hours.

I thought ALL of the following:

  1. Oh shit.
  2. No. I can’t be…
  3. Can I?
  4. It would explain a lot of things *casually reaches for a french fry*
  5. Wow, imagine being able to eat as much I want again without the looks from my family.
  6. Ok this is exciting.
  7. Wait, what am I saying? This is terrible! I have a 16 month old toddler!!
  8. Awww, there would be a nice small gap between her and her new sibling.
  9. Which would mean even more work for me; I can barely manage with running after just her!
  10. Yeah but maybe she’ll be older and wiser by the time Baby No. 2 comes.
  11. Good thing I didn’t pack away all my maternity clothes.
  12. Ooh I noticed Mamas & Papas had a maternity wear sale on…
  13. What am I thinking?! I’m NOT pregnant!
  14. I should take a test. Just to be sure.
  15. I am NOT buying a pregnancy test because I’m NOT pregnant!
  16. Ooh I wonder if that women still does those pregnancy massages…
  17. Oh my God I’m going to be able to put my feet up for indefinite periods of time again!
  18. And then wake up 3-6 times at night to pee… Crap.
  19. Wait stop, I’m not pregnant!
  20. Yeah but these things happen though, don’t they? Women not knowing they’re pregnant till they’re in labour?!
  21. *opens up Google. Types “could I be pregnant and not know”*
  22. Google says its unlikely. But not impossible. It didn’t say impossible!
  23. I should just do a test *sees a croissant on kitchen counter and momentarily forgets own name*
  24. Jeez these tests are so expensive. Totally money-making crap. Ooh good business idea, must remember this…
  25. Before I do the test, I should tell my friends *whatsapps the dilemma*
  26. Dammit they’re all encouraging me to do a test. They were supposed to shut this drama down!
  27. Ok here goes…
  28. *does the test*
  29. *waits*
  30. Oh my God… I didn’t even tell my husband.
  31. Shit. My friends are waiting for me to tell them the result on whatsapp. They’re going to know I’m pregnant before my husband does!
  32. But I’m NOT pregnant!
  33. *looks down at test* oh I’m actually not pregnant!
  35. So this means… I just have a very big appetite?!
  36. *leaves bathroom and gets a whiff of a dirty nappy*
  37. Awww look at my little munchkin running towards me… WOAH that’s a big poop. I need to hold my nose and do this one-handedly.
  38. Well THANK GOD I’m not pregnant with another one yet!!!
  39. Oh she’s putting her foot in my face. The poop is going everywhere. The wipes are finished! ARGH!
  40. Normal non-pregnant life, welcome back!

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5 Nursery Rhymes with Questionable Lyrics

Remember that episode of Friends when Rachel and Ross sing “Baby Got Back” to Emma?

That may have been for comedic purposes, but they were actually on to something; researchers have recently found that singing soothes babies for much longer than talking does!

However, before you clear your throat and belt away, let’s talk about song options for a moment. You’re most likely going to sing a popular nursery rhyme to your little one, right? That’s what I was doing today, when mid-song it suddenly occurred to me that this is actually quite inappropriate. Who on earth wrote these lyrics?!

The song in question was Humpty Dumpty:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses and all the King’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again

So… Humpty Dumpty is dead? Or at the very least, seriously injured?! These were the thoughts running through my mind when I was reminded of a couple of other nursery rhymes where the main character may also have been unceremoniously killed off:

It’s raining; it’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head,
And he wouldn’t get up in the morning.

He what…? Is he dead too?!

In fact, not even the babies being sang to are spared:

Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks,
The cradle will fall,
And down will come baby
Cradle and all.


say what?

Moving on swiftly to poor old Jack:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

He broke his crown. Wait, what? The guy BROKE his HEAD! How morbid is that? But to be honest, that’s not what bothers me most about this particular rhyme. I want to know what Jack and Jill were going up the hill for in the first place. I’m no expert on water-fetching, but aren’t wells typically found at the bottom of hills? Hmmm, very dodgy.

But the straw that broke my rhyme-ridden back was Yanky Doodle Went to Town. It’s one verse in particular that I am baffled by, which goes like this:

Father and I went down to camp,
Along with Captain Gooding,
And there we saw the men and boys
As thick as hasty pudding.

Having never heard of “hasty pudding” before, I confess I initially thought the line said “tasty pudding.” But even after being corrected, I still don’t understand why the men and boys have to be described as ANY pudding!

Fellow parents, I think “Baby Got Back” may well be the safest option we have. That is all.

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What She Wore #2

Hello friends,

I really enjoyed doing a post about Khadija’s outfits last week (see here). So here we are again! Another weekend, another set of outfits from the week to share.

This week, we were mostly recovering from a cold so didn’t go out a lot. By mid-week, I was pretty much going crazy! I had not only been ill myself, but was also up at all hours with an ill baby. Not a good combo.

Cue frantic Whatsapping on Tuesday evening to see who was available for a quick coffee the next day. “I just need an hour!” The desperation was clear.

Luckily, I have awesome friends. Wednesday afternoon saw me bundle Little Miss K up and off we drove to Luton to spend the afternoon with my good friend Iram. Chicken curry, naan, samosas, tea, LOTS of toys for Khadija to play with, and much needed girly chatter = PERFECT DAY!

These are the things I miss the most when I’m not in England… not Starbucks and Brent Cross which I had thought would be the hardest to part with!!

So here’s what Khadija wore to our impromptu play date:

Baby girl clothes Next Flat Lay

Dress + tights: Next| Shoes: Next

I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it in Next; it’s not very often that I buy her clothes because she gets so many presents, and almost-new hand-me-downs! This was a treat for us both.

You probably can’t tell in the photo but its super soft to touch! The tights came with it, but to be honest, I don’t think red goes well with this dress. I wish they had been hot pink instead. Do you know of anywhere that sells a decent pair of hot pink tights? Let me know in the comments please!

Also worn later in the week was this:

Baby girl clothes Next Mothercare Flat Lay

Cardigan: Mothercare| Dress: Next| Leggings: Tu| Socks: H&M| Shoes: Next

She’s worn this outfit quite a few times and I love it; a slightly summery look in an otherwise gloomy November! This is another Next dress (from Khadija’s trendy Aunty Shaazia).

In other news, Xmas products are everywhere! Actually, I feel like this year, shops paced themselves well; I remember one year I started seeing Xmas decorations in Selfridges as early as August!

When I think of this time of year, red always come to mind (thanks for that, Santa), and there are some luscious red pieces in the shops for girls this year. As I was browsing around, I decided to put together my favourites of what’s in-store right now:

Baby girl xmas fashion 2015

Striped dress: H&M| Tights: John Lewis| Pinafore dress: Zara| Santa hat and booties: John Lewis| Shoes: H&M

Which do you like best?

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