Autumn Leaf Activities for Toddlers

This year, we’re spending autumn (“fall” to my North American friends) in London, and everyday on our afternoon walks, I’ve looked at the falling leaves and wanted to do something with them with Khadija!

Khadija is now two years old (27 months) and able to enjoy sit-down, craft activities. Initially, I was quite nervous about this stage as I never considered myself “crafty” and to be honest, I hated art at school! So it’s been a surprise for me how much I enjoyed the activities I’m blogging about today too.

They are super easy to put together and involve minimal expenditure; most of the art supplies involved can be reused for other activities too!

1. Picking leaves

This in itself can be lots of fun. Toddlers love to run around (or run away from you!) so going to a park to pick leaves might be right up their alley. All you need is a carrier bag to collect them in, and some encouraging. I found asking Khadija to find certain colours got her interested.

She wasn’t into kicking around in the leaves too much, but I have seen videos by my friends of their toddlers doing that!

They’re also at that stage of development where they enjoy “tasks” such as putting things in their place. So hand them the leaves you pick and ask them to put it in the bag. Even that’s fun for them (maybe only for about 20 seconds but hey, I’ll take what I can get!)

2. Sensory bin

Take a box (or any other large-sized storage item) and add some sensory items to it. Cover with the leaves you picked, and ask your toddler to find the hidden items. Alternatively just put the box in front of them and see what they do.


I didn’t want this to be too complicated an activity, so for the hidden sensory items I simply used some of Khadija’s small toys, such as plastic play food, a few foam bath letters, and small stuffed animals.

3. Playdough prints

Khadija LOVES playing with playdough; she rolls it out and uses mini cookie cutters to cut out different shapes. So we tried using leaves to make imprints on the rolled out dough. Her favourite part was peeling the leaves off!


4. Painting with leaves

For this activity, I put a few loops of sellotape on the back of a leaf and stuck it onto a paper plate (you can use any other surface too, such as paper or cardboard). Then I simply let her paint the plate as she wants, with a few colours in front of her.


I let the plate dry overnight (as we usually paint in the evening) and simply peeled off the leaf in the morning.

We’re still using washable paint at the moment, as Khadija gets it everywhere (including and especially her own face!) but I imagine the results would be even nicer with poster paint. Choose browns, reds, greens, etc to go with the overall autumnal feel!

5. Crayon leaf rubbings

This is the only one we haven’t tried (yet) and only because Khadija was super excited to scribble on her grandma’s walls as soon as I handed her a crayon *smh*

But, Google “crayon leaf rubbings” and you’ll see a ton of great photos showing you what an easy and pretty craft activity this is!

Simply pop a piece of paper over a leaf (or tape the leaf to the back of the paper) and let your toddler go crazy with the crayon over it. The shape and details of the leaf will start to “magically” appear!

Do you have any other leafy crafts to add to the list? I’d love to hear them in the comments below (or just from you generally!)

Have a lovely Autumn ❤


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