What She Wore #2

Hello friends,

I really enjoyed doing a post about Khadija’s outfits last week (see here). So here we are again! Another weekend, another set of outfits from the week to share.

This week, we were mostly recovering from a cold so didn’t go out a lot. By mid-week, I was pretty much going crazy! I had not only been ill myself, but was also up at all hours with an ill baby. Not a good combo.

Cue frantic Whatsapping on Tuesday evening to see who was available for a quick coffee the next day. “I just need an hour!” The desperation was clear.

Luckily, I have awesome friends. Wednesday afternoon saw me bundle Little Miss K up and off we drove to Luton to spend the afternoon with my good friend Iram. Chicken curry, naan, samosas, tea, LOTS of toys for Khadija to play with, and much needed girly chatter = PERFECT DAY!

These are the things I miss the most when I’m not in England… not Starbucks and Brent Cross which I had thought would be the hardest to part with!!

So here’s what Khadija wore to our impromptu play date:

Baby girl clothes Next Flat Lay

Dress + tights: Next| Shoes: Next

I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it in Next; it’s not very often that I buy her clothes because she gets so many presents, and almost-new hand-me-downs! This was a treat for us both.

You probably can’t tell in the photo but its super soft to touch! The tights came with it, but to be honest, I don’t think red goes well with this dress. I wish they had been hot pink instead. Do you know of anywhere that sells a decent pair of hot pink tights? Let me know in the comments please!

Also worn later in the week was this:

Baby girl clothes Next Mothercare Flat Lay

Cardigan: Mothercare| Dress: Next| Leggings: Tu| Socks: H&M| Shoes: Next

She’s worn this outfit quite a few times and I love it; a slightly summery look in an otherwise gloomy November! This is another Next dress (from Khadija’s trendy Aunty Shaazia).

In other news, Xmas products are everywhere! Actually, I feel like this year, shops paced themselves well; I remember one year I started seeing Xmas decorations in Selfridges as early as August!

When I think of this time of year, red always come to mind (thanks for that, Santa), and there are some luscious red pieces in the shops for girls this year. As I was browsing around, I decided to put together my favourites of what’s in-store right now:

Baby girl xmas fashion 2015

Striped dress: H&M| Tights: John Lewis| Pinafore dress: Zara| Santa hat and booties: John Lewis| Shoes: H&M

Which do you like best?

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17 thoughts on “What She Wore #2

  1. Iram says:

    Am just sitting in my Saturday class and seeing a little girl wearing exactly the same dress that K wore to mine. It’s popular and so is Next! It looks so cute.

  2. Kat @ Eat.Love.Live says:

    Another fab baby fashion post! I love the checkered dress, it’s beautiful! I can’t remember having seen hot pink tights but I will keep my eyes peeled for you.
    I love your christmas outfit suggestions. Especially that Santa hat! xx

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