Pears: 3 Way She Eats (and Loves!) Them

I don’t think Baby K is the only baby in the world that loves pears; apparently they are a popular first food because of their soft texture, sweet taste, etc. Thankfully, we’re somewhat past the “first foods” stage and favourite tastes have been established. So now, I can build on the foods she already likes, and its actually loads of fun thinking up new combinations to offer her!

Even more thankfully, we’re back to purees after a reluctant switch to baby-led weaning. As I already mentioned in a previous post, I was really not keen on BLW. Maybe a part of it is my own “control issues” (hey, I’m a woman. Don’t judge!), but I genuinely felt she wasn’t ready to start feeding herself. So I started offering her purees scooped up on one of my fingertips (as she rejected spoons long ago). And lo and behold, Houston We Have Lift-Off! She’s happy to be finger-fed and I’m in control again *evil mummy laugh*

I shouldn’t get too overexcited at this point actually, because its all one long episode of Trial and Error. But, so far so good.

So back to pears. She loves pear puree, and I’ve been giving her the following, great combinations, which you may like to try with your bubbas too (these homemade baby food recipes are good to from 6 months onwards):

Simple Pear Puree:

1 ripe pear, peeled and roughly chopped.

Steam the pear in a steamer (or in a colander, placed over a pot of simmering water and covered with a lid) for approximately 10 minutes. Have a poke and see if its completely soft, then blend. You can add a few drops of the water used for steaming if needed to make the puree smoother.

I then freeze 1-2 tsp portions, and defrost and use when needed.

image (6)

Pear, Porridge and Yoghurt Breakfast

1 tsp pear puree
1 tsp baby porridge
1 tsp plain, full-fat yoghurt

Simply mix all of the above together for a yummy breakfast option. The yoghurt is nice and cool, which is great for teething gums. Note, these quantities are enough for Baby K who doesn’t have a huge appetite; you can simply double them if you think you’ll need more.

Also, please check with your health care provider if your baby has dairy allergies, or there’s a history of allergies in your family before introducing yoghurt!

image (4)

Pear and Blueberry-Flavoured Yoghurt

2 tsp pear puree
1 tsp blueberries, blended*
1 tsp plain, full-fat yoghurt

*the verdict  seems to be out on whether or not you should cook blueberries before giving them to your baby. To err on the side of caution, I stewed them in a little water (just barely covering them) for a few mins until they were soft and squishy. I then blended them along with the thick, purple-coloured water.

This was a HUGE hit with Baby K. The portion size is quite generous and she wiped the bowl clean!

image (5)

Does your baby have a favourite fruit? Do you have any pear combinations you can suggest for Baby K to try? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below 🙂



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