The Name Change!

So after just over three years of blogging as “Cooking Projects,” I’ve changed my blog name to “Eat, Write, Be!”

I love blogging about food, and will hopefully continue to share recipes, but I’ve got to say it’s pretty intimidating swimming in the foodie blogging pool amongst other food bloggers. I follow so many blogs where the authors post the most beautiful shots of food in perfect lighting, perfectly garnished, etc… And it just wasn’t me. I tried! Many awkward moments were spent standing on a stool looking down at a cake I’ve baked and snapping away, while family members have hustled past pretending not to notice that I’m about to fall and break my neck for this shot!

And there were many times I wanted to post random things, like book reviews or my thoughts on the variety of teething gels on the market, but felt restricted to just food with a title like “Cooking Projects.”

So after some googling on how switch my URL without losing all you lovely followers, I made the change in between Baby K’s naps.

I love the new name. It definitely sums me up well! And “B” is what my friends call me so its all worked out nice and neatly. Here’s to more eating, writing and being!


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