Lychee Cooler

We’re lucky enough to have our own lychee tree in Islamabad–something I’d never seen before moving here, having lived in London my whole life! But usually, I’m never around to see/eat the ripened lychees; these are summer fruits, waiting for temperatures to soar into the 40 degrees Celcius range before turning a gorgeous, pinky-red colour to indicate they’re ready to pick. I tend to get ushered into a plane headed for cooler terrains by my husband before the heat swelters this much. This year is the first I’ve been around to see the lychee tree in full bloom!

Right there in our front garden stands this beautiful lychee tree!

Right there in our front garden stands this beautiful lychee tree!

Though they are delicious to simply peel and eat, I wanted to do something a bit more interesting with them. I was imagining some kind of dessert as I was peeling some for my husband, and noticed how much juice was trickling down my hands. So I threw some into a blender, and added ingredients as I went along, to come up with this drink:

A refreshing, delicately-flavoured lychee drink

A refreshing, delicately-flavoured lychee drink

Did you know that 100mg of lychees contains roughly 70mg of Vitamin C? This drink alone helps reach well above your daily requirement of both Vitamin C and potassium!

I’ve tried variations of this drink too. Once I added Sprite instead of water; another time, I added a handful of fresh mint leaves to the blender too. Though both gave equally refreshing results, the original recipe is my favourite. Here’s how I make it:

(For 2 glasses)

1 glass (250ml) peeled, deseeded lychees
1.5 glass (375ml) water
2tbsp sugar
1tbsp lemon juice (optional)



Simply throw everything into your blender and blitz it up well. Then, strain the juice into two glasses and top with a couple of ice cubes. If you don’t mind getting “bits” of lychee in your mouth, you don’t have to strain it, but I much prefer the smooth texture after doing so.

Also, if you have a juicer, you could juice the lychees first, then blend everything else with the juice, but I prefer the easier, blender method.


Lychee cooler


5 thoughts on “Lychee Cooler

  1. Shaheena says:

    You, my child have a talent. I used to be just like you in the good old days! Experimenting with different ingredients and finally, voila – the perfect recipe! I tried the lychee cooler when my grand kids came over for lunch day before yesterday and got a thumbs up from them! Keep up the good work!

  2. Iram says:

    Thanks to this recipe I started craving lychees. I went to all Pakistani shops (sent husband dearest actually!) and not one had lychees. A lot of said they weren’t in season. But thanks to your blog I knew more than them! So in the sainsburys and the exotic food section saved me from a craving tantrum!

    I prefer them as they are. But will definitely try your recipe

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