Autumn/Winter Cooking As Viewed Through My Phone

Recently, more and more information widely known in the West about the dangers of processed foods has been making its way to Pakistan. Since I moved here, the widespread use of certain foods has made me weary: frozen broiler chickens, margarine,  long life milk… Sure, its debatable whether any of these things are actually harmful to your health, but its also fact that fresh produce is far more nutritious and beneficial.

So, I’ve now arranged to have 2 litres of fresh buffalo milk delivered home everyday. And when I say fresh, I mean literally straight out of the buffalo!

Homemade paneer (white cheese) in a creamy tomato sauce

As well as switching to buffalo milk in my coffee/tea, I’ve also made paneer (white cheese) twice and homemade yoghurt a few times! I still have a few more things I want to try with it, such as thickened milk (a substitute for cream in dessert recipes) and eventually I’m going to give homemade butter a go too!

Mutabbal: yoghurt-based eggplant dip, recipe courtesy of For the Love of Yum!

Also, my husband turned a year older this autumn! It was a quiet celebration, just dinner at home. I roasted a leg of lamb, served with homemade garlic bread and roast potatoes. My mother-in-law added delicious pulao rice to the menu, and then vanilla cake with chocolate ganache finished the evening off 🙂

Roast lamb, cut into serving-size pieces

Homemade garlic bread

And finally, winter fruits and veg have arrived! I now have just over two months to make as much use of carrots, broccoli, oranges and pomegranates as possible…

Blood-red pomegranate seeds, sprinkled with salt. Mmmmm


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