Summer Cooking As Viewed Through My Phone!

So here’s what happens to me every summer: like a school kid anticipating the holidays all year long, I meticulously plan out everything I’m going to do/buy/eat/blog-about when I come to London. Seriously. I have actual memos in my phone that are titled “London To-Do” and I’m convinced that from my mother’s kitchen, the blog posts are going to be coming out daily!

And then I get here and want to do anything but cook. In fact, this year I’m not even obsessively hunting down all those food items I can’t get in Islamabad, or rushing to eat at all my favourite restaurants. Even spending time with friends has been all about the “at-each-other’s-houses” thing, which is just sooo much better, isn’t? Oh my god… I sound like… an adult!

So after almost three months here and only one blog post to show, and with hands itching to blog but no material to blog about, I went through my phone and dug out some photos I’ve taken when I HAVE gotten off the couch and made something, and other random pics to share!

Seriously yummy banoffee pie

Other than that, the Olympics have taken London by storm. I remember reading an article before coming about how worried organisers were about what the public reaction to the Olympics was going to be… were the Brits (notorious for their grumpiness) going to be good hosts? Or were they just going to be grumbling about traffic the whole time?!

Chicken shawarma and lamb shish wraps, with fries, from *that* Lebanese place down the road. Everyone in London has a local Lebanese place!

But once the games began, it became clear that the public has completely embraced the Olympic atmosphere! It’s fantastic. Everyone I know is loving it and watching events all day long. My absolute favourites so far have been the gymnastics, the swimming (especially the synchronised swimming) and of course, the athletics.

Puff pastry pizza – basically pizza made the normal way but with ready-rolled puff pastry as the base instead!

My mum is a typical Brit. Everyone that knows her always teases her about it. She only has tea the “English way” and has a Union Jack tea towel hanging in front of her oven! So naturally, she’s hooked on all the equestrian events.

The making of a big bowl of fatoush salad

On that note, that’s it for this post, and hopefully my next post will be an actual recipe or I’m going to have to change the name of the blog to Cooking Procrastination!

No matter where I go, my husband (Ahmed) is never far… even in the aisles of Sainsbury’s I see him!


3 thoughts on “Summer Cooking As Viewed Through My Phone!

  1. Asmita (@FoodieAsmita) says:

    This must be fun time to be in London. Wish I was there right now. I visited London a about 10 years ago and we went to this small Lebanese place to eat Shawarma but it was the best shawarma I have eaten till now.
    I love your style of writing and happy to follow.

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