What to do with Leftover Roast Chicken

Ordering too much from Nandos is a bit of a common problem with me! In fact, I kind of do it on purpose just because you can do so much with leftover roast/grilled chicken! Even when I make roast chicken at home, I tend to make just that little bit too much so I can indulge in it the day after as well šŸ™‚

Everyone will have their own ideas/tips on this subject. Here are my top five things to do with chicken leftovers:

1. Sandwich: this one is pretty obvious, right? This must be the most popular thing to do with leftover roast meat! I like to shred mine up, and mix it in a bowl with mayo, a tiny bit of mustard and some very finely chopped capsicum (bell pepper). I find that the capsicum flavour works so nicely with the mayo and chicken. It has a kind of sharpness of its own that comes through and lifts the flavour completely!

2. Stir fry: if I have a lot of chicken leftover, or some breast meat, sometimes I like to cut it into thin strips and add it to a stir fry. In addition to the chicken, usually my stir fries consist of carrots, capsicums, french beans, brocoli, mushrooms, and cabbage. I keep seasoning to a minimum (literally just salt, pepper, garlic and soy sauce). Serve with white rice…

3. Omlette: if I have spicier leftover roast, I love to chop it up and add it to my breakfast omlette! You can go all out and add tomatoes, onion, corrainder leaves, even some grated cheese. The chicken works great with any/all of these flavours. But this is definitley a “heavier” breakfast option that I only really make for a Sunday brunch, not on a regular working day!

4. Pizza topping: leftover roast chicken is a fantastic pizza topping option. In fact, I use lots of different types of leftover chicken meals as pizza topping, not just roast; Pakistani wok-style chicken (chicken karahi) is one example. Probably best not to try this with die-hard Italian-food fans, but for fusion lovers like me, this is one of my favourite things to do!

5. Freeze: finally, you can just shred up any leftovers, pop it into a ziploc bag and freeze! Just remember to label the bag with the date. And whenever you have a sandwich craving, or need to jazz up an omlette/pizza/stir-fry, hey presto! (See here for some great tips on thawing frozen chicken)


5 thoughts on “What to do with Leftover Roast Chicken

  1. miral says:

    I take my leftover chicken, chop it up into pieces, take 1 cup of rice, 1/2 cup salsa – throw it in the rice cooker and we have salsa biryani šŸ™‚

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